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Know What the Professors Know. If you want a trite 20 second understanding of the law, and most students do, do not buy our products.We have the best-written case briefs. A good number of the case briefs include excerpts from Dean’s Law Dictionary in the Legal Analysis. We consistently give you superior information about the case so you know what the professors know.

Comparison Learning. If you read the case and make mental notes of what you believe the case is about and then compare your analysis and understanding with what we have presented on the same case and what is discussed in class this comparative learning method will dramatically increase your understanding of theories and concepts.

For the casebooks listed we brief all the cases portrayed in the case book and not the Notes cases. That being said we also have a compendium that lists all our casebriefs in alpha order. There you will also find many of the Notes cases. If you do not see a casebook listed contact us about doing it. If your book is not listed go into the Compendium and look for individual cases there.

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